Christmas is approaching, a cozy time we often spend at home with family and friends. Yet this cozy time can involve dangers. Read our 10 tips for a safe Christmas with your pet!

1. Christmas tree

Did you know that pine needles, from the Christmas tree or the Christmas toy, are poisonous to your pet? Be careful with pine needles that have fallen out. Make sure your animal’s bowl is far enough away from the Christmas tree so that no pine needles end up in it. Drinking the water that contains the trunk of the Christmas tree can also be dangerous! In some dogs branches of pine trees can cause an allergic reaction. Does your beloved pet develop a thick snout and swollen eyelids and auricles? Then your pet is probably allergic to the Christmas tree.

2. Angel hair (siliceous cotton)

Angel hair in the Christmas tree can cause allergic reactions such as acute shortness of breath or swollen body parts, especially in cats. When the mucous membranes in the throat swell, there is a risk of suffocation. Make sure your cat doesn’t eat the angel hair and pay attention to symptoms such as itching and redness. In case of an allergic reaction, always contact your vet.

3. Christmas tree ornaments

Ornaments in the tree… They are really irresistible to cats, and dogs also see these balls regularly for a toy. However, the shards are very sharp and can cause painful wounds. Is your dog or cat fond of the ornaments? Then consider hanging plastic ones in the tree!

4. Lametta

These shiny, long strings have an enormous attraction to animals because they move with every sigh of draught. However, they can cause annoying intestinal blockages. So be careful with this festive decoration!


5. Christmas plants

Do you have a Christmas piece on the table containing holly, a mistletoe, a Christmas rose or poinsettia? Make sure your pet doesn’t nibble at the leaves or flowers. These plants are poisonous to your pet. Especially the poinsettia causes problems, because of the sap from this plant blisters can occur on the skin.

6. Chocolate

Love those Christmas wreaths, but keep them away from your dog and cat. Chocolate is really (life) dangerous for them! Cacao contains theobromine, a substance that affects the central nervous system and the heart muscle and can’t be processed by dogs and cats. Chocolate gives us a ‘feel-good-feeling’, but the body of your animal immediately goes crazy.

7. Bones

We sometimes eat poultry during Christmas. Dogs and cats love delicious turkey or chicken legs, and eat them all the way. Because of this, there is a risk that a sharp bone will damage or pierce the intestinal wall. So don’t give your animal bones.

8. Roast beef

Are you preparing a delicious roast beef? Throw the netting or string around it directly into a closed garbage can. The netting or strings smell delicious and can be eaten by your dog or cat. A net that gets stuck in the intestines must be removed surgically. So it is better to throw them out immediately!

9. Fire hazard!

Candles or tea lights on the table: cozy and beautiful, but not always pet proof! The fur of cats can catch fire when the animals walk past the candles or step over the lights. Don’t forget the swishing dog’s tail, which can cause candles to fall over or hairs to catch fire. If necessary, choose deep holders or safe led candles.

10. An unguarded moment

Now you know what to pay attention to, but in an unguarded moment something can always happen. In case of problems, always contact your veterinarian, who can assess whether the situation is serious. Sometimes rapid intervention is vital, but hopefully there is no reason to panic and things will end with a sizzle.

We wish you and your pet(s) a merry and safe Christmas!